Bylaws & Parliamentarian Committee

Bylaws & Parliamentarian Committee

The MACM Bylaws and Parliamentarian Committee reviews the bylaws of the Association as to their practicality and application. The Committee also reviews the needs of the Association for amending or adding to the bylaws. It makes a report of its findings to the Board of Directors. The bylaws may be amended at any Association meeting by a majority of the registered regular members present and voting. Any member in good standing may make a recommendation to the Bylaws Committee and all proposed amendments shall be referred to this Committee for study and recommendations. The chairperson of this Committee shall serve as the parliamentarian of the Association. The Bylaws Committee typically meets quarterly or as needed.

2020-2022 Members

Sean Jones

Bylaws Committee Chair

Ninth Judicial District

Kris Bartness

Third Judicial District

Rhonda Bot

Seventh Judicial District

Gena Jones

Second Judicial District

Lisa Lane

Fourth Judicial District

Lindsay Popovich

Fourth Judicial District